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We are the first and only infrared hot yoga and fitness studio in Bucks County. We provide a one of a kind studio experience in a dimly lit, feel good atmosphere with boutique service, unique class offerings and incredible instructors.  

Our bodies need movement and muscle mass to thrive. Our minds need stillness. By combining yoga, weight training and different fitness modalities with infrared heat therapy you will quickly become physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger than ever before, leaving you lit up for life.

get mind and
body fit.

a fitness experience

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AND EVEN more benefits →

Increased toxin release 

Experience our infrared classes firsthand and become obsessed with the physical & mental benefits - trust us.

studio lit benefits

Cellular Repair & protection

anti-aging & rejuvenating

increased & extended calorie burn

better sleep & mood

improved cardivascular health

class descriptions

Take each class at your own pace - talk to your instructor, take breaks, drink (salt) water, and pay attention to your body. You know best!

All classes at Studio LIT are open level, meaning you'll be in class with beginners and experienced yoga and fitness pros.

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offering: lit flow / lit burn /
lit strong / lit drip / lit up + more


We pride ourselves on being Newtown's leader in bringing together a fun, friendly and even a little bit feisty community of sweat-lovers. 

Our events, workshops and teacher trainings offer additional opportunities to our members to become the best versions of themselves.

more than fitness.
we're a community.

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