I'm new to studio lit. 

New to Hot Fitness or just new to our studio? Maybe you haven't taken a fitness or yoga class in a while, or are unsure if our studio is a good fit for you? Experience Studio LIT firsthand and see the amazing physical & mental benefits that our classes deliver! Studio LIT was created to be a place that welcomes you. All classes at Studio LIT are open level, meaning you'll be in class with beginners and experienced clients. Take each class at your own pace, take breaks, drink water, and moving in a way that works or your body is accepted. Our talented instructors offer variations and modifications, talk to them before class and if a movement or pose doesn't work for you, don't feel pressured to do it! Listen to your body.

What should I know before I come in?

  • Hydrate! You will sweat and it's incredibly good for you, but you need to hydrate with added electrolytes in your water, not just plain water. 
  • Fuel yourself. We recommend a high protein. Do not eat a full meal within 90 minutes of class start time. 
  • Wear lightweight exercise clothing. 
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before class to check in. Please note, if you have not checked-in by the start of class, your spot may be given away to someone on the waitlist.
  • Please be on your mat at the time class starts.
  • Always speak softly in yoga class and please refrain from talking once class begins.
  • Absolutely no cell phones in yoga classes.
  • No texting, scrolling or phone calls in the studio. You may take a picture before class starts or after it ends. 
  • Please keep your personal belongings in a cubby and not in the studio. Space is limited.
  • All classes take place in a dimly lit room, with chromotherapy and aromatherapies.
  • We do not know your medical history.  Do not attend classes if it is not safe for you. 
  • If you have any serious medical conditions, please check with your doctor before exercising in our hot studio. 
  • Practice good personal hygiene. No strong scents. Strong odors of any kind can be offensive and ruin the experience for others. If there is a repeated occurrence of a strong odor we will have to address it with you privately. 
  • The studio is heated, using infrared panels. Classes typically stay between 90-105 degrees, but the studio can reach temps up to 115 degrees. 
  • You must be 18 years old or older to practice without a legal guardian's consent. 
  • We accept credit/debit cards through mindbody. If interested in cash payments, check or venmo, ask us.
  • All clients must update their account with a credit card on file.
  • Clients will be admitted into the studio no earlier than 10-15 minutes before class.
  • Clients will not be able to enter class during an opening meditation. 
  • Please be on time for all classes. If you are running late for a fitness class please contact the studio via text so we can prepare for your arrival.
  • Please remain quiet during savasana and do not exit the studio. If you must leave early, you must notify your instructor and exit prior to savasana.
  • If there is a class following yours, please exit the studio within 5 minutes of your class ending.

What is provided?

The studio provides towels and some mat covers are available (not guaranteed), fitness equipment such as dumbbells, blocks, rings and trampolines and some mats are available in case you forget yours, but do not depend on this. 

Bring water and dress appropriately.

What are the health and safety protocols?

If you are sick, stay home. 

We do not know your medical history.  Do not attend classes if it is not safe for you. 
If you have any serious medical conditions, you must consult with your doctor before exercising in our hot studio. If we become aware of a serious medical condition we will ask you to provide a note form your doctor. 

Infrared heat does not blow air around the room. Additionally infrared raises your body temperature which mimics a fever response in the body helping to boost your immune system and fight off sicknesses. 

We also use UV light technology in the studio every day to help kill any germs and bacteria.

Can I have my cell phone during the class?

You may not use your cell phone during a yoga class. 

We suggest you leave all electronics in the lobby for all classes to fully enjoy your hour to yourself.

No texting, IG scrolling, phone conversations while in studio as this takes away from other clients' experiences.

We know social media is important to you. A picture can be taken before class starts or after it ends. Absolutely no active phone use during yoga class.

If you have a smart watch, please make sure the display is turned off during yoga class as to not disturb other clients.

what is the cancellation and no show policy?

Please note, if you have not checked-in by the start of class, your spot will be given away to someone on the waitlist.

You must cancel your class with at least 2 hours notice prior to the class start time in order to return the class to your account for future use.

If you cancel with less than 1 hour notice, you will automatically be charged $10 (membership clients also) to your card on file, or you will forfeit your class fee from your class pack.

Single Classes, Class Packages, Workshops: If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, your class will be deducted from your account. Unlimited Memberships If you do not show up to class and do not cancel, you will be automatically charged $15 to your card on file.

Waitlisted Class Cancellation/No-Show:
If you do not show up to class and do not cancel when there is a waitlist you will be charged a $30 drop in fee or forfeit  your class and the the balance remaining to equal $30 fee will be charged. 

It is your responsibility to manage your waitlist. If you cannot make it to class at any point you must remove yourself from the waitlist. If you are added to class and do not show up the above guidelines apply and you will be charged.

what is the return and refund policy?

Clients are provided with plenty of time to cancel reservations and retain their class credit. We do not offer refunds on any classes, workshops, memberships, retreats, apparel or merchandise.

We do NOT offer extensions on Single Classes, Class Packages, Workshops or Memberships.

We do not allow class transfers between clients. 

can i transfer my membership?

All Single Classes, Class Packages, Memberships, and Workshops are non-transferable.
All class credits must be used by the original purchasing client.

how do memberships work?

Monthly recurring memberships are billed on a monthly basis and have a 4-month minimum commitment.

To cancel your membership or skip a month, a 14-day notice is required. Email the studio to cancel 
You can only freeze for a full months period twice within the year. 

Memberships begin on the date of purchase. We reserve the right to increase membership pricing with 14 day notification. If you cancel your membership or miss your payments you will be charged back payments to restart and the most current rate when renewing will apply. 

Unlimited Members have access to book more than one class daily, within reason.  The studio reserves the right to move clients from the roster to the waitlist of an in demand waitlisted class if you have already attended class at the studio that day or if you are signed up later that same day.  Please keep this in mind when selecting your classes. We really try our best to accommodate all clients. Please contact us via text if you are unsure of your schedule options that day. 

do you have a lost and found?

Studio LIT is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items inside the studio or in the exterior common areas.

Please email the studio directly for any items you may have left behind.

There is a lost and found. However, items left behind are regularly thrown away to avoid mold issues.


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